5 Easy DIY Ideas ideas to Update your Home on a Budget

It seems that we are in the middle of an up-cycling revolution. Crafts such as knitting, crocheting and upholstery are in vogue again and are being enjoyed by people of all ages. In these tough economic times, when money for decorating can be hard to find, it is great to be able to update dull old items and décor with simple handicrafts. This post looks at 5 ways you can add new sparkle to tired interiors through simple craft projects and a little bit of ingenuity.

1.       Cushions

Cushions really change the way a room looks and are the quickest way to inject some colour, and a bit of comfort, into your home.  The fabric and print used on cushion covers can really alter the feel of a room. Cotton florals give a fresh summery look whilst velvet and wool are cosy and give a rich winter feel. If you are handy with a needle why not use up those scraps of fabric you have lying around the house and make a decorative patchwork or panelled cushion cover



2.     Painted Furniture

Painted furniture is a great way to either change the look of a room or create a brand new look if you room is a blank canvas. Whether you go for shabby chic and distressed or gr mid-century modern, both are really affordable and can be updated easily with a lick of wood paint. Alternatively you could try covering your old pieces of furniture in fabric or wallpaper to make a statement piece just like this table!



3.       Lampshades

Give lampshades that added bit of zing by adding new trims.  It’s so quick and easy to do and the choice from haberdashery shops is endless.  Use old ornate lace based trims to give a vintage look or go for a bright modern trim (like the one below) to give a burst of colour.  You can layer the trims to give added depth and impact.

Lamp Trim


 4.       Stencilling

Stencilling is a great way of introducing pattern into your home without breaking the bank and don’t worry, you don’t need to be a wiz with a paintbrush for it to look good.  Any surface can be stencilled and there is a fantastic choice of stencils online from Latin words to big butterflies and kids cartoon characters.  Create a bespoke rug by using a stencil on a cheap rug and giving it a bespoke design feel.



5.       Spray Paints and Glaze

Spray paint can be used on a wide range of surfaces from that dodgy candlestick aunty gave you to a tired plant pot looking limp in the back garden. Old fashioned vintage pieces that may be a bit garish can be transformed into something classic yet modern with a new colour scheme. Be imaginative and look at objects that you love the shape of but the colour isn’t right. Try pouring paint into the inside of old glass vases to make them stand out on your mantel piece. Another option is crackle glaze which can be used to give an antiqued look.   These old leather suitcases look great with a coat of paint and give a focal point to your room that is not out of place in the 21st Century.



Hopefully these five ideas have given you a feel for just how easy it can be to update your home on a budget.  You can completely change the look of a room, with just a few simple changes.

Hollie is a textile graduate from Nottingham Trent University who now works at MiaFleur Unique Gifts, her family’s home ware boutique. Aside from interior design, Hollie loves to travel.