Card & Papercraft

There are so many wonderful card and papercrafts to get stuck in to. Card making is one of the most popular types of card and paper craft being both extremely fun and practical. People love to receive homemade cards, especially ones that have been made just for them for a particular event or occasion. There are so many fantastic card making tools and embellishments out there that it is super easy to make high quality greetings cards from scratch in the comfort of your own home or studio. For the beginner it is probably best to start with a card making kit as they come with absolutely everything you need to complete a number of cards.

Scrapbooking is a great way of recording memories in a beautiful and creative way. Incorporating photos, tickets, letters and cards into your scrapbook pages will make them extra special and provide a safe storage place for those special trinkets. Scrapbooks are usually created around a particular theme or event. This could be a birth, a wedding or a birthday. The pages will normally have a number of pictures on and be decorated with coloured papers, stickers and phrases.

Other types of card & paper craft include quilling, an art which is fast on it’s was back in to fashion, decoupage, often used to make boring home accessories look fabulous and paper folding such as origami and iris folding. These technique as well as many others (die cutting, collage, paper making etc) can be used on many different types of project.