Make Your Own Floral Fabric Bookmarks

Brides have become even more creative with wedding favours in recent years. It would seem that the days of sugared almonds as the wedding favour staple are passing away with brides looking for fun, tasty and unique alternatives.Make Your Own Floral Fabric Bookmarks

You will need:
-Floral fabric of your choice
-Small buttons
-Ribbon (in a corresponding colour to your fabric)
-Sewing machine/kit
-Double sided sticky tape
-Scissors/Paper cutter

Step 1: Get your piece of card and use your scissors or paper cutter to cut it down to the size that you would like your book mark to be.

Floral Fabric Bookmarks step 1

Step 2: Using the card base you just cut as a guide you now need to cut your fabric down to size. Lay your fabric down onto your work surface, making sure that the pattern is facing down. Lay the card base on top and fold your fabric over it so that you know there is enough fabric to cover both sides. Cut around the edges of the card leaving a good couple of cm’s overhang. Use your double sided tape to secure your fabric in to place.

Floral Fabric Bookmark Step 2

Step 3: Now that you have taped your fabric down it is time to iron all of your folds to make them nice and sharp.Tuck your corners in to a nice triangle and iron these down too.

Floral Fabric Favours Step 3

Step 4: Using your sewing machine set to a zigzag stitch sew along all of your edges. Make sure you pick a thread colour that matches your fabric.

Floral Fabric Favours Step 4

Step 5: Next you need to measure your ribbon. It needs to be long enough to wrap long ways around the bookmark with an excess of an inch or so at the bottom on both sides. Attach double sided tape to the ribbon and stick it to your book mark. Cut the ends of your ribbon into a point.

Floral Fabric Bookmarks Step 5

Step 7: Pop some double sided tape on to the back of your small button and stick on top of the ribbon on the front side of the bookmark. I placed mine about 1 cm from the bottom. And there you have it. Quick and easy bookmarks which make great wedding favours or birthday gifts.

Make Your Own Floral Fabric Bookmarks