My First Attempt At A Watercolour Card

This week I got in a summery mood (we can but hope!) by trying my hand at some watercolour beech huts. A while ago I saw a quirky beech hut print in the Range and really liked it. I have been playing around with some watercolour pencils of late and decided to have a go my beech huts with them. I drew the initial design with a pencil and ruler and then started to colour it in. It is all a bit rough and ready as I am not well practiced in drawing and painting…yet!

Watercolour Card Drawing

I thought that the huts looked nice once they were fully coloured in despite the blotches and smudges!

Watercolour Card with Colour

The huts did look nice on the white backgorund and I was very tempted to keep them on it. However, I decided to take a chance and add some sky and sand.

Watercolour Card Final Painting

I was happy with how the picture turned out in the end. Definitely need some proper watercolour paper next time though. Once it was dry I scanned the picture to my computer and used Gimp (an open source Photoshop type software) to remove the biggest errors and just generally tidy it up. I also added some text and coloured some of the letters in with colours from the painting. I copied the image into Word and positioned it so that it would print in the right position on my folded card. This took a few attempts to get right. After a few tests on paper I ran some card through and it printed like a dream.

Water Colour Greetings Card - Beech Huts

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and think that I could get something of a nice quality with a bit more practice. The scan worked so well and came out surprisingly clear! I have plans for a bicycle, birdcage and cake stand card to follow!