Painting & Drawing

Painting & Drawing IdeasDrawing and painting  have been practised for thousands of years and are the foundation of many different types of craft. Drawing and painting styles have evolved over the years with changing tastes and fashions. From cave drawings and Egyptian wall murals to the great portrait painters of the renaissance and spray painters of today. Whatever style you love and practise we hope that you find lots of useful information and great project ideas here.

We have a comprehensive guide to the different types of paint which means that if you are unsure as to what type of paint you need for that wooden chair you are renovating or whether it is a good idea to use emulsion on canvas then look no further. It’s not only paint that we have looked at but other mediums too such as charcoal, chalk and pencils.  As well as that we also have a number of guides on different types of painting and drawing  techniques as well as a range of projects for you to try your hand at.