SewingBeing able to sew is such a useful skill. Whether you are a whiz with a sewing machine or if you prefer the more traditional sewing by hand approach you can create beautiful items from scratch or by recycling items that you already have.

Sewing is so fun and it allows you to do things like turn an old wool jumper into a fluffy winter cushion or an old t-shirt in to scarf in just a few simple steps. You can also recycle things like old sheets in to flowing maxi skirts or alter baggy tops so that they fit like a dream.

Once you have a base to work on you can embellish it using techniques like embroidery, where you use coloured threads to create shapes and designs, appliqué, the art of layering fabrics, or just by using a set of simple fabric paints.

Other sewing/fabric style crafts include things like cross stitching, quilting, knitting and crochet. The tools needed for these techniques are really easy to get hold of in craft shops and on the internet. There is such an abundance of beautiful fabric (think Cath Kidston or Tilda) as well as buttons, ribbons, threads and wool available to make your project extra special.

Whatever type of sewing and fabric crafts you do we hope you find lots of information and sewing projects!