The Wackiest Home Christmas Displays

This blog is normally concerned with decorating the inside of your house. However, in the spirit of Christmas I decided to have a look at what happens when people decide to decorate the outside!

There’s always one.

Most of us spend an afternoon untangling a few strings of lights that have been collecting dust for the past ten months in the attic, and maybe splash out on a ‘SANTA STOP HERE’ sign to keep the kids happy. We plug in the extension cord and hey presto, instant yuletide magic!

But then there are the people who love Christmas more than you. The neighbourhood goody goodies who spend months planning their Christmas spectaculars, complete with music, inflatables, and a bigger ‘SANTA STOP HERE’ sign than you.

Then there are the crazies.

World Record

This week, a family in Canberra, Australia (who have Christmas at the height of summer, making up for something Aussies?) made the international news by breaking the world record for the biggest Christmas display in the world, containing (wait for it) 502,165 lights.

The Richard family’s home has attracted plenty of visitors, and the whole display has been sponsored by a green energy company who is footing the $2,500 electricity bill. Mr. Richard took a week off work back in October to set up the display. That’s dedication.

Here are some of the craziest, brightest, loudest and tackiest Christmas displays in the world. Love them or hate them, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them.

This incredible display can be seen at 165 Benjamin Boake Trail in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada. The Desario family spend weeks planning and putting up this spectacular display, but it’s all for a good cause – passers-by are invited to donate to the local Children’s hospital, and the display raises over $10,000 every year. 

Star Trek isn’t really known as a festive telly highlight, but this superfan from East Peoria, Illinois had different ideas. We suspect Spock would call this festive dedication to the USS Enterprise highly illogical.

Paul Toole from Manning Close in Somerset is a self confessed ‘Christmas Nut’ and is also known as ‘The King of Christmas Lights’. His display attracts fellow Christmas fans from across the country and raises money for charity. He gets his amazing lights from – where else – the USA on his regular visits. He hoards so many lights that he often buys an extra seat on the plane to store them, and is now at 40,000. Sadly the display is on a break this year, but will be back in full force in 2014.

We’re not sure what happened in Richmond, Virginia to spark this off (maybe a neighbourhood rivalry that went wildly out of control?), but it now appears to be the Christmas display capital of the world. There’s even a ‘tacky lights tour’ with its own bus routes and phone app.

Now this is just showing off!  This house in Utah, USA was decorated with 45,000 lights with a twist. Taking Christmas displays into the future, Richard Holman’s jaw dropping display is computer controlled, meaning the lights could be programmed to fit complicated sequences. This video of the house ‘performing’ to a techno version of Amazing Grace is a joy to watch and went viral.

All of these displays are incredible and most of them make thousands of charities, but we can’t stop thinking what happens to all of those boxes of lights over the rest of the year, or when they want to move house!

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